When can I start logging my volunteer hours toward my 90 hour on-the-job training requirement?

·         You can start logging volunteer hours NOW by participating in a Master Gardener activity.  Check the Calendar!   

·         Here’s a short tutorial to show you how to log your hours

·         Here's where to report your hours: https://volunteers.cahnrs.wsu.edu   It may take a couple weeks to get your login credentials onto the site, so keep track of your hours until you’re told it’s ready.  Then be sure to log your hours as you complete each activity—it’s so easy to forget!

·         Your login credentials will be: The email address you gave to Gary when you enrolled.  Your password is password!   Make sure you type the exclamation point after the word!!

·          BTW--your hours MUST be reported on a monthly basis or WSU's liability and Workers Comp insurance won't cover you! I have a daily reminder set on my Gmail calendar to remind me!