What are the member Potlucks?

Throughout the year, we have monthly get-togethers--either

·         An educational presentation at the Event (Expo) Center at the Fairgrounds, on the last Tuesday of the month.  The topics will be announced


·         A potluck in a member's garden or other location. The times for these vary depending on the hosts' schedules. They are usually held in summer.  We have two special potlucks:  The Awards Potluck is held in the first week of November, and every Master Gardener is recognized for their contributions to our organization.  The Christmas Potluck is held sometime in December, and we have a fantastic time at both events!  Your family is invited to all potlucks.  You will be asked to let us know on Doodle what you'll be bringing to share and how many guests. We ask that you bring:


o   Your favorite dish to share--entree, salad, appetizer, desert...


o   beverage

o   place settings for you and your guests (plates, silverware)