Plant Sale and Committee Meeting Minutes

5-14-19 Meeting Minutes

Tomato: FAQ cheat sheet for MGs

5-7-19 Meeting Minutes

Education/Advertising committee notes

Perennials and Herbs inventory

4-23-19 Plant Sale Meeting Minutes

Education Committee Report

Plant Committee Report Apri 9 2019

Advertising Committee Report April 8

Plant Sale Other Veggies report-Kathy Schlaefli

Spreadsheet for other vegetables, including the right time to plant the seeds (Kathy Schlaefli)

3-12-19 Plant Sale Meeting Minutes

2-12-19 Plant Sale Meeting Minutes

Tomato banners with pricing

1-23-19 Plant Sale Meeting Minutes

Possibilities for posters and 3-to-page flyers—suggestions encouraged, as are other designs.

Poster with Green Frame

Early “Save the Date” poster

Later Poster

3-to-page flyer

Setup/Takedown Committee 1-14-15

Hospitality Committee Report 1-14-19

Plant Committee Report 1-15-19

Spreadsheet of Donated Seeds

Plant inventory at Extension Office 1-15-19

Publicity/Communication Committee Minutes 1-16-19

Minutes Education Committee 1-16-19

Tomato and Pepper order from Log House Nursery

1-8-19 Meeting Minutes

2019 Plant Sale Budget

From Roxanne: Here are notes from the biggest plant sale in Portland and our area, HPSO Hortlandia Futures Committee. I hope some of their meeting ideas can help us

Signage -large banners for tomatoes

Info Posters for ordered Peppers

Info Posters for ordered tomatoes and ones we’ll be growing ourselves (not yet complete)

List of TOMATO plants available for order from Loghouse Plants

List of PEPPER plants available for order from Loghouse Plants

2017 seed spreadsheet from Billie—needs to be checked against supply in Gary’s office for availability

Proposed Plant Sale Budget

“Other Plant Committee” Plant Inventory 12-4-18

12-4-18 “Other Plant” Committee Meeting Minutes

11-15-18 meeting minutes

10-5-18 Meeting Minutes

9-12-18 Minutes from Meeting with MG Cathryn Johnson

7-3-18 Meeting Minutes

6-14-18 Plant Sale Recap Meeting minutes

Committee job descriptions

Plant Sale Advertising from 2018