Lots of new stuff--Please take a read!

1.       All the information about the Home and Garden show this coming weekend is posted on our website and calendar https://www.cowlitzcomg.com/news-updates/2019/3/12/home-and-garden-show-satsun-march-1617  (including what we’re handing out, and the MG Cheat sheet—PLEASE check it out!)

 2.       We need one more Veteran Sunday from 9:30am-12pm. to assist the trainees who have volunteered at the Home and Garden Show booth.  Please volunteer for a fun 2 hours getting to know two of our very active and enthusiastic trainees, Charlene P and Kate M. Doodle: https://doodle.com/poll/tk5u2fvbytkbbphu or LET ME KNOW and I'll sign you up!

 3.       Call for interesting flowers, branches seed pods, foliage from your yard. Our very own Billie Hight will be demonstrating her foraged flower arranging techniques on Saturday from 10:30-2:30 at the H&G show.  She is amazing!  She needs our help, though.  Head out to your yard to see if you can find any daffodils, hellebores, interesting seed pods, colorful branches, pretty foliage.  Jo Beckett has some of those curly contorted filbert branches, and I found some gorgeous long bright red twigs from an overgrown dappled willow. Use your imagination!  Please drop them off at the office by Friday 12:30.  Billie has started her new business venture Lovetree Floral.  She has a great Facebook Page, so if you’re on FB, please go there, sing her praises, follow her and SHARE SHARE SHARE with EVERYONE! https://www.facebook.com/Lovetreefloral/

 4.       Greenhouse Watering Monitor needed FROM ROXANNE and the Greenhouse crew: Would you like to be part of the plant team, greenhouse watering team?  Warm bright surroundings with lots of green things. We need a person to water on Saturdays and another person to monitor watering needs on Sundays. This is a pleasant, rewarding way to be part of our plant sale. Get credit for volunteer hours under Program Support https://doodle.com/poll/yb7d2r28a84m86tc If you live in Longview, this would be so easy.  PLEASE sign up!!  Watch for our next planting party coming up! Date to be announced soon 

 5.       I’m so pleased to announce that one of our 2018 MGs is going to offer a Kokedama workshop for the public!  Trisha Bonapace will teach folks how to create Japanese Kokedama (moss ball string gardens).  Attendees will make their own Kokedama and take them home.  Trisha will show a few interested MGs how to do it so they can facilitate at the workshop on April 11 at 6:30 pm at the Training Center.  Do YOU have an idea that might make a great workshop or presentation?  Let us know, and we’ll help to make it happen!

 6.       Photo Shoot opportunity for MG Directory And finally—do you HATE your photo in the directory?  I’d be happy to snap a new photo for you.  You could choose one of as many pics as it takes to get it right.  I will “photoshop” them to make them look really nice (maybe a few less wrinkles for those few of us who may or may not have wrinkles J ) I’ll be at the Training Center on Friday.  Otherwise, check with me for when I’ll be in the office during the week. 


Billie Hight Lovetree Floral.png