Greenhouse move, Feb. 6

From Billie: Our side of the greenhouse looks very impressive! Greenhouse setup is almost done. There are a few kinks to iron out. Now we are looking for a dedicated “Green (house) Team” to keep the ball rolling! We had teams at the Demo Garden, Extension office, and Greenhouse all working together to move pots and plants to their new home. Thanks to all MGs and Trainees who helped: Billie B. (thanks, Gary!!), Roxanne N., Mary W., Trisha B , Lauri B., Jane Y., Bob O., Renee R., Alice S., Diamond F., Steve P.- trainee, Kate M. -trainee

MgFoundation CowltizCounty - IMG_0358 2.JPG
MgFoundation CowltizCounty - IMG_3316.JPG
MgFoundation CowltizCounty - IMG_9178.JPG