Update Feb. 18, 2019

Volunteer opportunities:

·       Tuesday, Feb. 19, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm—Potting Party at TRC Greenhouse.  See link for location and how to check in.

·       Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1pm Earth Day Meeting at the Extension Office:  First planning meeting—we need EVERYONE’S ideas—this includes the Trainees, too.  Please join us!

·       Monday, Feb 25, 2019 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM—Greenhouse Tear-down party at the Demo Garden—We need all hands on deck for this important step in updating and improving our Demo Gardens.  Please plan to help!

·       Check the calendar for even more!

To veterans and new MGs—there has been a change in WSU policy about recording training hours.  Trainees are now permitted to log their training class time as Continuing Education hours.  This time does NOT count toward the required 90 hours of on-the-job training volunteer time. Quantifying time invested in these activities and the number of people reached through our activities are important measures that demonstrate the worth of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Washington. Potential funding is more easily attained when significant efforts and impact can be proven.

Training presentations/classes are open to all Master Gardeners, not just the trainees.  Look on the calendar to see what is being presented.  You can also see the entire Training Schedule.

Scott and Dixie Edwards did their great presentation on Plant Propagation.  Here’s their handout from the class.

If anyone has an interest in preparing a class on a spring gardening topic please let me know.  We have several events coming up that need a QuickClass or presentation.  Trainees—here’s your chance to get those dreaded posters and presentations done early—and help to educate our community, too.  I’m available—as are other veteran MGs) to help you research and get it ready to go!

Here are some promising topics (You can find really good, research-based gardening information from http://gardening.wsu.edu/   :

·       Plants that attract birds, pollinators, and/or beneficial insects

·       How to remove tree trunks

·       Container gardening

·       Spring Garden tasks

·       Crop rotation

·       Garden myths (I have some great resources for this topic!)

·       Slugs

·       Summer tree care

·       How to plant or transplant a tree

·       All about elderberries

·       How to grow strawberries

·       How to grow raspberries

·       How to read a pesticide/herbicide label

·       How to amend garden soil

·       Why should you get a soil test?

MEET THE TRAINEES!  Here’s the contact list.  All but 3 trainees have had their photos taken.  I will add when they become available.  Great looking bunch!

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2019 class gallery photo.jpg