Updates Feb 14, 2019

From Billie B.: Greg’s Gardens & Gifts is going out of business and everything is 50% off (seeds included). Some of their stuff is a little high, and even with 50% off the trays are still cheaper at Tsugawa's. Large bags of peat moss, fertilizer, etc. It might be a good buy for the greenhouse or MGs individually. 1217 3rd Ave, Longview, WA 98632

 MG Training Class Feb. 15—presentations

 9 am: Plant Propagation (Scott and Dixie Edwards, Watershed Garden Works),  

1 pm: Urban Forestry 101 (Ben Thompson, Urban Forestry Specialist, WA DNR)

Earn CE hours and introduce yourselves to the new trainees!  Let’s all get to know each other and help make them feel welcome.

 Tools for Running an Effective Nonprofit,  Saturday, March 9, 2018 9:00AM - 3:00PM Lower Columbia College, Longview.  This is a great class being offered at LCC by Washington Nonprofits.  The cost is only $30 for a full day seminar. Several of us have already signed up to go.  If you are a Foundation member and would like to find out how to make our organization flourish, come and join us! As Gary H. points out: "I'm up for it.  Breakfast and lunch, that demonstrates great management principles right there!" J

Join the Master Gardener Foundation of Cowlitz County.  We are the wind beneath the wings of the Master Gardener program here.  Join us as we plan our future!  Annual dues, $20. You can sign up at the office.  Carlee will make sure your dues reach our treasurer, Erin.

Did you know…Plants that have been divided and have most of the leaves removed need very little water to keep the soil moist.  That’s because, having few leaves, as well being exposed to relatively low temps, not much transpiration occurs, and not much water is lost.  So our newly potted up plants that have been moved to the greenhouse should not need much water for awhile.  We’ll keep an eye on them, though!