Update January 30, 2019

Please come to the first MG training class this Friday, Feb 1 and welcome our new trainees!  It runs from 9am-4pm.  If you’re going to be there early, please bring something to share.  I’m bringing the coffee pot!  And coffee :-)


Fifteen Demonstration Garden Team Members attended our first get-together in 2019, January 29 at Mill City Grill.  Amidst the restaurant and crowd noise, we managed to hammer out a new Garden Party Schedule and a “Start the New Season” discussion.  Attending were:  Trisha B, Phyllis C, Gary H, Diamond F, Marge L, Bob O, Mike M, Helen R, Kitty R, Deane S,  LaDonna and Doug S, Mary W, Jane Y and Jo B. 

 Our Garden Party Season will happen every  Thursday, from noon to 2 around the 1st of March.  The closest Thursday to March 1 is February 28.  Summer may cause us to start at 10 am or when you can get there.   We are currently looking for new members who are able to work on Team 1 or Team 4.  New interns are welcome. 

 We started discussion on what we would like to do in the garden and to the garden this year.  This will be an ongoing conversation.   We have some new ideas and plantings for the upcoming season.  One of our starting priorities will be Phase 2 of organizing the garden shed.  Thanks to Barb L for completing Phase 1. 

 We have also discussed how we want to handle garden debris removal this year.  Trisha B will report on this and we will adopt a new plan. 

Our goal is always to follow the teachings of the Washington County Extension Service working with Master Gardeners with regard to working in our garden to educate ourselves and the community.  We hope to grow more vegetables, have more themed plantings and of course, to enjoy each other’s company as we have fun working in the Demo Garden. 

GOT A NEW/CRAZY IDEA?  We would love to hear it, and we will try not to jump on it and say, “No, that won’t work.” Change is hard sometimes, but if we don’t remain open to new ideas, we just sit and stagnate.  Do your homework first, though—what is the benefit of your idea to the organization?  What would the initial cost be, and is the money available in the budget for the program the idea is being offered for?  Would there be any storage or maintenance issues to be worked out? If you’ve done some of the initial footwork, all of us will be interested in hearing and considering great new ideas.