News update: January 20, 2019

Thank you ALL for the hard work and time you are putting into getting ready for our only fundraiser of the year, the Plant Sale and Tomatopalooza.  As a volunteer-only organization, without your generous support of time and effort, our Master Gardeners organization would not be able to move forward in its mission to help share gardening information with the folks in our community!  Give yourselves a big round of applause!  To keep current on all the committees’ progress, be sure to check out the Plant Sale Blog, here on our website:  Find the post you want to explore, and click the HEADING or the "read more-->" link.

Sorry for the flurry of emails last week--didn't know how else to make sure we'd have reports from the Plant Sale support committees at our next meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at noon. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Looking forward to hearing what you've come up with for plans.  Please send me any notes or minutes that you'd care to share, or post them yourselves here  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and wait a minute for the page to load completely.  A COMMENTS box will appear.  Copy and paste your minutes/notes from your meeting and click on Post Comment.

It's time to let Gary know if you want to remain a Master Gardener in 2019.  It's FREE--no membership charge.  Renew online or at the office.  Again--there is NO CHARGE to remain a Master Gardener.

You are also encouraged to join the MG Foundation, the "wind beneath the wings" of the Master Gardener Program.  The purpose of the Foundation is to support the MGs financially and facilitate program planning.  Membership to the Foundation is $20 year payable by Jan. 31.  Please be a part of the planning and forward movement of the Master Gardeners!

If you find an interesting event that we might enjoy, please enter it on our 'Fun stuff to do" calendar:

MG Thank You notes are in a plastic bag  on the shelves in the PIC lab.  Please take what you need.

Please start collecting boxes for the Plant Sale.  You can salvage cut-down boxes at grocery stores and Costco.  If you have boxes at home, please CUT DOWN the boxes so the sides are 4-6 inches tall.  You may store them in Gary's office, and we will cart them over to Cougar Cottage for storage when there are too many in the office.

Coming up this week--Click on the calendar below, then go to the activity you'd like know more about.