Overwintering Geraniums

Here’s a great way to save your geraniums for next year, either for your own use or for our Plant Sale on May 18. It’s easy to do, but you have to get on it before the frost kills them.

There are three methods—saving the bare-roots, cuttings, or repotting the plant and nurturing it indoors. If you choose the last, your plant will be much larger and will be sellable in May. We will very likely have use of the heated greenhouse at Three Rivers Christian school to overwinter them. If you would like to do this for the plant sale, please let the committee chairman for “other plants” Roxanne Nakamura, know. roxbnak@gmail.com (we really need to have a better name for this committee that’s in charge of everything other than veggies!) Take a look at this article about how to do it: https://hortnews.extension.iastate.edu/2004/9-17-2004/geraniums.html