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Inviting Mason Bees to your Garden

This class will focus on a wonderful little insect…the Mason bee! We are excited to have Master Gardener Billie Bevers back to share with you her knowledge of these proficient pollinators and how you can encourage them to visit your garden and orchard this season, increasing the abundance of your harvest. Learn about their nesting habits and how to establish an environment that will encourage them to keep a regular home in your garden. This class covers equipment, seasonal management, bee biology and management of pests.* FREE

*Seating is limited. Please register ahead online or call 
(360) 225-8750. Most classes are 1-2 hours long and are FREE unless otherwise noted. Please check our website and email for updates. New classes will be posted as they are scheduled.

Tsugawa Nursery

410 Scott Ave.

Woodland, WA