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These are handouts for all workshops, presentations, farmers markets, events. You can print out a few at home to take with you, or ask Carlee to print them for you. The “Become a MG” brochure and the Plant and Insect Clinic bookmarks are available on the black shelves in the PIC. Please return any unused brochures or bookmarks.

Brochure: “Become a MG”—Available at office

Plant and Insect Clinic bookmark—Available at the office

Handout for WSU Gardening Publications, Hortsense, Pestsense—all the links to WSU’s home gardening series.

Gary’s workshop mailing list and MG Trainee sheet—please ask visitors to fill out. Place on Gary’s desk after the event. Please keep track of the number of people who attended the event. Gary needs that information.

Information about FREE arborist wood chips—Great organic mulch, soil builder, and weed deterrent. And it’s FREE!

Free fertilizer/soil conditioner— Class A biosolids are available FREE for home garden and landscape use and can add nutrients to vegetable gardens and create better soil. Biosolids add nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, copper and zinc– all beneficial elements for plants.

Soil Test submission form— $24 for a full professionalsoil test with easily understandable results. This test tells you exactly what to do to optimize your soil. Joe Long at the PIC is our in-house soil expert and can help interpret the results. Why waste money on unnecessary or harmful fertilizers and amendment products when you can find out exactly what your garden needs.

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tELLmission statement

WSU Cowlitz Co. MGs: to enthusiastically and responsibly promote the knowledge and dissemination of university-based research by trained Master Gardener volunteer educators through outreach, teaching, and demonstration projects.

MG Foundation of Cowlitz Co. : Support a sustainable and healthy community by raising funds for and creating awareness of the WSU Cowlitz County Master Gardener outreach programs.

vision statement

The Master Gardener Foundation of Cowlitz County is recognized as an enthusiastic community of people interested in sustainable gardening practices.